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Hello world!

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In the spirit of the holidays, which I grudgingly participate in as peripherally as possible, I have to admit that this year has been very sweet. Leah and Tanmaya, my wonderful fellow Skotialites both surprized me with sincere tokens that warmed my heart… Sometimes those gifts resemble booby traps in wolf’s clothing, such as the Chihuahua adoption papers I received for my birthday a couple of months back… But for Christmas, Tanmaya bestowed upon me an original (and very original) drawing, and the ever supportive Leah hooked me up with a blog page! Now I can rant to my heart’s delight without offending any of my facebook friends with often drunken, often delirious monologues that should have remained internal and fleeting… I’m guessing I won’t find less friends than I had the night before when I hit the blog instead of the homepage button… To all of you out in the often cold, often lonely recesses of our tattered and disconnected world… Take a moment and find a little spark in the smallest gesture… Be it a smile from the advertising sales rep who won’t fucking take no for an answer , or a wink from a delusional homeless man peeing on the garbage can at Walgreen’s as you’re going in to replenish your gin supply… We are alive and that is something to celebrate!


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